Origami 3 D Rocket Instructions

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Designed by: Creeperboy
This Rocket is pretty simple despite it's complex look. To complete it you need scissors. Start with the colored side up.

Step 1

Valley fold the top corner to the bottom one,crease, and unfold.

Step 2

Valley fold the left corner to the right,crease,and unfold.Turn over and rotate.

Step 3

Valley fold the top to the bottom,crease,and unfold.

Step 4

Sorry the pictures for this step were not right. Just Valley fold the left over to the right, crease,and unfold.

Step 5

Rotate the paper. Pick up the left and right corners and bring them to the bottom. This should make the top want to go down.push it to the bottom and flatten it.

Step 6

Lift the left flap up so it looks like a shark dorsal fin. Stick a finger in the pocket in the flap, remove your finger and flatten it.

Step 7

Fold the right point of the upside down kite shape to the left. Fold the top layer of the right point to the left. Then repeat step 6.

Step 8

Turn the model over. Repeat steps 6 and 7.

Step 9

Fold the top right point to the left. Repeat on the back.

Step 10

Fold the left and right points to the center. Repeat on the back.

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