The Roketer (paper Airplane) Instructions

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Designed by: MrDoge444
This paper airplane is a really easy to use one because you can throw it randomly.

Step 1

The first step is to grab a piece of paper (mine looks crumpled because this is the piece of paper I used to take a picture)

Step 2

Next, you simply have to fold the piece of paper in half.

Step 3

Now unfold the piece of paper. We just need the crease.

Step 4

Now just fold the top corners so they line up with the crease.

Step 5

Now you have to fold down the triangle on the top to line up with the bottom of the paper.

Step 6

Now just fold the corners into the middle crease.

Step 7

Now fold up the bottom part of your piece of paper.

Step 8

Now turn your piece of paper around and fold the paper in half from left to right.

Step 9

Now fold one wing down so it lines up with the bottom of your paper, and do it on the other side too.

Step 10

Now fold the bottom half of the paper up so it lines up with the top. Do this on both sides.

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