Origami Big Cup Instructions

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Designed by: Ninja Star
This can be a triangle box or a cup. This doesn't really hold water, but it is OK. ENJOY!!!!!

Step 1

First you need a plain 8 and a half x 11 inches piece of paper.

Step 2

Fold in half, like this.

Step 3

On the crease, fold the corners in, like this.

Step 4

Fold the top of the bottom tab up, like this. Then turn it over and do the same.

Step 5

Fold the corners of the top tab in, then unfold and turn it over.

Step 6

Fold the corners of the top tab in, and keep it there.

Step 7

Turn it on its side and do this exactly:

Step 8

If you can see, there is a tab sticking out. Fold it in, turn it over, and do the same.

Step 9

Fold the top part up, unfold, and fold it in.

Step 10

Turn it over and repeat Step 9 exactly.

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