Origami Bull Instructions

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Designed by: Gabe T (me)
I folded this bull quite by accident when I was playing with a shark design. It does not go with traditional origami ( no cutting or folding) as there are two cuts in the design.

Looks pretty good for an accidental design. lol. – Eric H 12/20/17 4:41 PM

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Step 1

Start with the bird base. If you do not know how to fold one look it up or go to https://www.origamiway.com/origami-bird-base.shtml Fold the bird base in half like so. Fold it in half one more time.

Step 2

Crease and squash fold to create the legs of the Bull.

Step 3

Fold in the tips of the feet to create hooves.

Step 4

To fold the front legs fold up the top layer of the body. Cut along the red line. and fold in to make hooves.

Step 5

Now fold everything in half.

Step 6

fold the head back and forward again.

Step 7

Cut to create horns. And your done! if you want your bull to look even better tape in these certain areas.

Step 8

This is my first design so please give me some feed back. Thanks! :)

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