Origami Flexagon Instructions

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Fun to play with.

I made it, super Time consuming. I LOVE it!! – Fletch9 06/25/18 6:53 AM

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Step 1

Fold paper in half length ways, then fold top corners into the middle like so. Cut long strip off the bottom, you don't need that.

Step 2

Turn the paper to portrait. Fold in half, unfold and then fold edges to the centre.

Step 3

Fold paper into a 2x8 rectangle as shown.

Step 4

Fold in half from top to bottom. Draw a diamond pattern skipping two squares each time.

Step 5

Then draw an 'X' straight through the diamond from corner to corner. Repeat steps 3 and 4 on the opposite side.

Step 6

When you unfold your shape once it should look like this. Fold on every line very firmly.

Step 7

Cut off one length of square.

Step 8

Insert one side into another and make sure only one length of squares go inside. It doesn't really matter which side goes in which. Make sure that the side you drew on is on the outside.

Step 9

Make a triangle. check that there is one diamond and two half diamonds on every side.

Step 10

squish your object down so that it looks like the following. Now turn it back into a triangle and fold the half diamonds into the center. do this the whole way around.

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