Origami Triangle Instructions

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Designed by: Fletch9
A lovely origami triangle using three pieces of paper.

Step 1

Fold in half lengthwise o two corners meet the other two corners. Then unfold.

Step 2

Cupboard fold the other edges into the center crease. Then unfold.

Step 3

One opposing sids hold the right corner in two the second crease.

Step 4

Now, fold the edges back into the centre.

Step 5

Fold the two left corners to the top.

Step 6

Now fold the two left corners underneath the opening flap.

Step 7

Now flip paper over and make it into a square by folding the right corner two the left repeat then unfold. Make three of these and continue to step eight.

Step 8

Example of how they join

Step 9

See image.

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