Origami Bear Instructions Page 2

3 Likes  |  Difficulty: Intermediate

Step 11

Fold the right side of the flap to the left.

Step 12

Fold the bottom left corner up to the right. Make sure the bottom right corner doesn't go to far and extend pass the crease. Everything should look uniform like this.

Step 13

Fold the right edge where the crease is to the top center and flatten the collapsing flap.

Step 14

Fold the little triangle to the right.

Step 15

Repeat Step 13 on the left side.

Step 16

Open up the triangle and squash it.

Step 17

Tuck both corners of the squashed "diamond" into the pockets.

Step 18

Fold the bottom half to the top.

Step 19

Turn the paper over.

Step 20

Fold the bottom along the crease. The bottom edge should touch the left and right corners.