Origami Bear Instructions Page 4

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Step 31

Fold the head in half, then unfold.

Step 32

Fold the lower right corner up, then unfold.

Step 33

Open the top right corner and pull it to the left. Repeat on the other side.

Step 34

Fold the ears straight up for both sides.

Step 35

Fold the neck up diagonally, then unfold.

Step 36

Open the head from the bottom and use your left hand to pinch the neck and keep it in place and use your right hand to pinch the head and push it back against the neck.

Step 37

Fold the pointy part of the ears in for both sides.

Step 38

Open the head from the bottom again and pinch a small part and push the snout in.

Step 39

Fold and unfold the rump of the bear, then push it in between the legs.