Origami Butterfly Instructions

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Designed by: GMKworld
A natural looking Butterfly made of paper, beautified with Colourful Markers. If only it can receive the breath of life, it could as well take a fly.

Step 1

Step 1a: Get or create a Square paper ensure the four sides are equal. i.e 6cm by 6cm or 8cm by 8cm depending on how big or small you want it sized Step 1b: Make a Valley fold by fold one diagonal edge on the opposite Edge. Step 1c: Straighten out the folds with your thumb or a ruler edge

Step 2

Step 2a: Open up the fold and repeat step 1b & 1c for the other diagonal edge Step 2b: Unfold all edges Step 2c: Form a triangle by folding in the two opposite sides and let the four edges kiss themselves in pairs

Step 3

Step 3a: Straighten out the edges Step 3b: Put the triangle in an inverted form, fold one of the rightmost diagonal edge such that the tip kisses the base/crown of the Triangle Step 3c: Repeat step 3b folding method for the Leftmost diagonal edge

Step 4

Step 4a: Smoothen the folds Step 4b: Turn over to the other side, Fold the base/crown of the triangle over Step 4c: Turn to the other side and press the crown of the triangle over the flat base

Step 5

Step 5a: Staple the fold Step 5b: Fold a little the butter fly’s half body Step 5c: Curl the edges with a pen or ruler edge, do inward curling for the upper wings and outward curling for lower edge

Step 6

Step 6a: Meet your plain looking butterfly Step 6b: Design the butter fly in colours using Pencil for the lines and colour marker for painting Tools 1. Paper 2. Ruler 3. Pencil 4. Marker 5. Biro 6. Stapler & Pins

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