Origami Pigeon Instructions

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Designed by: Miloš Belić
Origami pigeon that can stand

Step 1

Fold your square paper diagonally. Then fold it along the other diagonal.

Step 2

Turn the paper over and fold it in half, open it and fold it in half again along the other line. From this position bring all the corners together and flatten the paper, making a square base

Step 3

Fold the flaps along the line in the middle as shown. Then fold the top part over the two flaps you just folded and open everything up.

Step 4

lift the bottom flap up along the lines you just folded and flatten it. Then turn the paper over and repeat step 3 and 4

Step 5

Move the left flap to the right, turn the paper over and repeat so that it looks like the final picture

Step 6

Fold the bottom part up, and diagonally along the first line you folded it on.

Step 7

Lift the part back up. Notice one of the flaps can be folded down from this angle. Pull it out slightly and press down. Then turn the paper over and repeat steps 6 and 7 on the other side.

Step 8

When the paper looks like this, fold the part opposite to the wings along the pencil lines. Then flip the paper on the other side and fold down the same lines in the opposite direction

Step 9

Crimp the flap on the folded lines, in both directions like on the second picture. Then tuck the new folds in the pocket on picture three. This step is optional but it just helps the model stay in place

Step 10

Fold a part of the flap down, then back on itself and back out to make the head.

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