Origami Dragon Instructions

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Simple origami dragon that can flap its wings when you pull on its tail

Step 1

Fold the paper diagonally both ways, then turn it over and fold it horizontally and vertically

Step 2

Bring all the corner points together and squash the paper to make a square base

Step 3

Fold the flaps along the center line and then fold the top part along the line the two folded parts form, then fold the paper back to how it was originally

Step 4

Bring the bottom flap up and squash it down. Then repeat steps 3 and 4 on the other side

Step 5

Fold the left and right flaps along the line in the center like in picture 1 and do the same on the other side

Step 6

Fold the left part to the right, turn the paper around and do the same. Then rotate the model like in picture 3

Step 7

Fold one of the flaps up, and fold the other one down by slightly crimping it at it's base

Step 8

Fold the big flap back to shape the wing like in picture 1. Then fold the wing forward. Do the same on with the other wing

Step 9

Fold the wing as shown in the picture and then fold this new flap in half

Step 10

Fold the new flap in half again and slightly pinch the top of the wing where all the folds meet. Repeat on the other wing

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