Origami Dollar Fish Instructions

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A simple fish you can make from a dollar bill or any other rectangular paper. Perfect model to make from the leftover piece of paper you get when you cut a square from a piece of notebook paper

Step 1

Fold your rectangular paper in half lengthwise and unfold it

Step 2

Fold the corners on one side along the line in the middle and turn the paper over

Step 3

On this side, fold the paper along the middle line as shown in the pictures

Step 4

Turn the paper over again and fold the square flap on the left in half. Then fold the other side to that point like in picture 3, keep in mind you have to align the center line with the point if you want your fish to be symmetrical

Step 5

Fold the top and bottom of the right side along the middle line. Turn the paper over and you're done!

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