Origami Chair Instructions

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Designed by: GMKworld
A nicely designed comfortable chair

Step 1

Get or make a square shaped paper, Make a mountain fold, Open up the fold and fold in the two opposite side inwardly to kiss each other at the center line

Step 2

Open just one side of the fold and make an intersecting mountain fold across the already formed creases

Step 3

Fold the corners of the image stopping at the closest crease formed

Step 4

Open the fold and fold the left & right folds over each other (you can gum them onto each other).

Step 5

Lift the inner base fold and bend over towards the head of the image. You may use gum paste on the inner wall of the image and gum together with the inner flat fold to form the seat.

Step 6

Lift up the chair and you may have your seat.

Step 7

This is a view of a Table for Two , a center rug, an folded Napkin on the table

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