Origami Dress Instructions

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Designed by: GMKworld
A very simple but beautiful dress: paper-made

Cute – ogwise 10/16/17 2:25 AM

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Step 1

Make/ Get a square shaped Paper, Make a Mountain fold(two equal half), Open up fold and fold two opposite sides inward to meet at the center straight lined crease

Step 2

With the two opposite sides kissing at the center line, turn image to the other side, Fold the two opposite formed creases inward to kiss at the center line

Step 3

Now fold one edge of the image over along the length of the image leaving an allowance of about 2cm, do the same to the other end to form the waist band of the dress

Step 4

Turn image over to the front of the supposed dress, Make a slight fold along the neckline like a collar

Step 5

Fold-in the collars along the crease to form a v neckline, Turn image over, Fold the edges of the upper body sides towards the center line Slightly fold the edges of the lower body such that it slants towards the base to form an A-shaped gown

Step 6

Fold the upper corners of the image slightly outward, Turn over to the other side and here you have your dress.

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