Don't hog the art

by Yosuke Muroya Without further ado, here are instructions for how to create instructions.

How to create instructions

by Abdul Rahman
  1. First go here and click on the "Create Account" tab to create an account, then click on the "Login" tab to login.
  2. Once you're logged in, you may edit your profile. When you are ready to add instructions, click on "+ADD ENTRY" on top of the website.
  3. At "Your Origami's Details" page. Entering tags will help users find your origami. Click on "GO TO STEP 1" when done.
  4. On "Step 1" page, you can add up to 3 images for this step. After adding the images, enter Step 1's instructions in the text box. When you're done with Step 1, click on "GO TO STEP 2".
  5. When you're ready to publish, click on "PREVIEW" to see if everything's okay. Then on the next page, click "PUBLISH".
  6. That's It! Feel free to contact me if you have questions.